Mixed paint+photo for my next exhibition.
Model: Sara Sandino


(a collection film posters)

by conradroset


May Ann Lumbang Licudine aka Mall is a visual artist and freelance illustrator. Born in Dagupan City, Philippines, 1981 lives in La Union, Philippines.

May Ann won the Grand Prize for the 2005 PBBY - Alcala Prize, an annual illustrators’ contest sponsored by the Philippine Board on Books for Young People, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Library. She also received the Encouragement Prize in the 14th NOMA Concours for Picture Book Illustrations, a competition biennially organized by the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO.

artist find at lohrien


Fruit Parfait by redaleka on Flickr.

(Fuente: akagi-comet)


this is the exact life i want in this world

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